It is critical that your voice is heard at the NH State House. Below is a schedule of important hearings and votes on legislation. Bill hearings are open to the public. Your attendance and/or testimony at these bills are important in the considerations of legislators.

Most bill hearings take place at the Legislative Office Building (LOB). Located behind the State House at 33 N State St, Concord, NH 03301.

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Week of January 8, 2017

There is still time to call your State Reps on the following votes which when the full House meets on Tuesday:

Ask your Rep to oppose the motion on HB 587-FN, relative to conversion therapy seeking to change a person’s sexual orientation and SB 224-FN, relative to conversion therapy seeking to change a person’s sexual orientation. These pieces of legislation would protect minors from a coercive therapy designed to change a young person’s self-perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ask your Rep to support HB 628-FN, relative to a family and medical leave insurance program. Family and medical leave insurance is critical to attracting and retaining young people to stay, work, and raise a family in New Hampshire.

HB 592 – Vote to Repeal/Amend the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Please contact your representative and encourage them to oppose this regressive climate measure that would eliminate New Hampshire’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.


HB 1707-FN: Relative to Information Regarding Abortion
Public Hearing: January 17, 11:00 am
The bill is based on inaccurate information and would impose a number of restrictive and burdensome requirements on providers and women seeking abortion. Most notably, it creates a 24 hour waiting period between two mandatory trips, which is a particular barrier for women in rural areas and low-income women.
Full text of the bill available here
You can contact members of the Health and Human Services Committee and tell them you oppose this bill or come testify against it during the public hearing. 

SB 497 Relating to public breastfeeding
(Bill in committee process)
Under this bill, persons who feel they have been discriminated against for breast-feeding their child in public are empowered to file a lawsuit. They would be able to seek redress under
RSA 354-A.
Full text of the bill available here
You can call the Senate Judiciary Committee chair, Sen. Sharon Carson, at  603-271-3092, or and ask the committee to supportSB 497.


HB 1544: Relating to Clean Energy Goals
Public Hearing 24 Jan, 11:00 am
Establishes a committee to outline necessary steps to make NH reliant on 100% clean energy by 2040. Note: the 2040 goal has not yet been officially adopted; this committee would be exploratory.
Full text of the bill available here

You can call the Science, Technology and Energy Committee chair,Rep. Richard Barry, at  (603)880-3731, or and ask the committee to support HB 1544.
 SB 321: Relative to Net Metering
Public hearing: January, 9, 9:15 am 
This bill removes the requirements that net energy metering group host customers be default service customers of the same electric distribution utility as the host. This change would help consumers who use competitive supply to save money to ALSO be allowed to participate in net metering, which is currently a barrier for them.

Contact the Senate Energy & Natural Resources chair, Sen. Kevin Avard at 603-271-4151, or email him at and ask him to support SB 321. 


HB 1434: Relative to the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities (NH DDC)
Public Hearing: January,  10 at 1:30 pm in room 306 LOB
Will dramatically alter the structure of the NH DDC; it will remove its standing as an independent voice for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families and instead place it under the control of the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities (GCD).
Full text of the bill available here.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Karen Blake at:

Contact the Committee on Executive Departments and Administration chair Sen. Sharon Carson at 603-271-1403 or email her at


HB 1222: Relevant to Workers' Rights
Public Hearing: 10 January, 10:30 am
Prohibits employers from requiring potential employees to disclose their salary history. This bill actively limits discrimination during the hiring process.
Full text of the bill available here

You can call the House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee chair, Rep. Stephen Schmidt, at  (603)569-0848, or email and ask the committee tosupport HB 1222.

If you are interested in testifying or would like more information on how to testify at a bill hearing email Amelia at