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2023 Board Election





(This page will be regularly updated with relevant information as it becomes available)


Every two years, Young Democrats across New Hampshire elect a new New Hampshire Young Democrats Executive Board! This year, we will be gathering virtually on Saturday, April 29th to elect the seven Executive Board positions. Filed candidates can be found below:


Jay Bowie (they/them)



Last November New Hampshire Young Democrats went to the polls in record numbers, inspiring a new movement and cementing our place as a political force.


To continue building our movement as young Granite Staters, it will take all of us to build on our existing coalition and continue expanding the presence of the NHYD across the state and bolstering our generation coalition with further support for the High School and College Democrats. 


What this means to me is continuing to up the level of services we provide to young Democratic leaders stepping up to run through expanding our fundraising and candidate services programs: supporting young candidates through efforts like issue-based messaging trainings, building out field plans, getting on the doors, and building out a process for teaching fundamental campaign finance skills like budgeting and the rolodex process.


New Hampshire Young Democrats continue to shatter ceilings and make movements in our towns, cities, and state legislature, and together the only direction we can go is up; for all of these reasons and more, I am asking for your support to be the next President of the New Hampshire Young Democrats.

Vice President of Political Affairs

KR Epstein (she/they)



My name is KR Epstein (she/they) and I am excited to run for Vice President of Political Affairs because I am passionate about empowering young progressives to become political leaders and ensuring the Granite State is a place that young people can thrive. My dedication to fighting for young people began in college as part of the Penn State College Democrats Executive Board – where I learned the importance of building relationships and maintaining them through listening and meeting people where they are. Since the Fall of 2021, I have had the opportunity to talk with folks throughout New Hampshire about the best ways to organize this state to elect Democrats, and I believe that putting in the effort to recruit, train, and elect young, diverse Granite Staters will lead our party to the most success. I would be honored to earn your vote to serve as Vice President of Political Affairs, and continue fighting for Democratic values while simultaneously cultivating the next generation of New Hampshire political leaders.

Vice President of Public Affairs

Madelyn McCluskey (she/her)


My name is Madelyn McCluskey, I am a past president of the Plymouth State Democrats, and have spent the last 6 years learning that sweeping change in New Hampshire doesn’t come from winning just one election, but from building power locally across all communities. My experiences recruiting, training, and electing Democrats, coupled with my close knit relationships with local Democratic and progressive leaders across the state would bring a strong presence to the Young Dems board. We deserve to be represented by folks both in office and on this board, who will work hard to make sure Granite Staters are affirmed in their LGBTQIA+ identities; protect and uplift the voices of BIPOC communities; have public school systems that will teach and support their soon to be families; and provide a clean and safe outdoor environment to enjoy and live within —The New Hampshire Young Democrats want to build a better New Hampshire and so do I.


Davis Bernstein (he/him)



I am running to serve as Treasurer for the New Hampshire Young Democrats to fight for the organization’s long term success, and to win elections! I believe that every seat should have a Democratic candidate and that every year counts. It is imperative that we support candidates in underserved and underrepresented areas of the state so that all New Hampshire residents are represented by strong Democratic representation. If you vote to elect me I will work to ensure NHYD works efficiently and effectively, upholds progressive values, and fights to elect a new slate of young, diverse, progressive Democrats.

Rebecca McWilliams (she/her)



Young Dems overwhelmingly turned out to reject a second term of Trump's corruption. We've consistently seen NH move from red to purple, and even with jerrymandered redistricting, it's trending blue. Young Dems are the future, and I'm working hard to advance NH's policy goals: for reproductive rights - cosponsoring a constitutional amendment, clean energy - cosponsoring to increase our net metering cap to 5GW, fighting for environmental protections to regulate PFAS, and I continue to oppose defunding public schools through vouchers. I'm currently the Treasurer of the Concord City Dems, At Large Board Member of the House Progressive Caucus, and At Large Board Member of the NHYD Legislative Caucus. As a three term State Rep, mom of three, and champion for young Dems, I am committed to fundraising and supporting our goals so we can win across the state.


Cairnie Pokorney (he/him/they)



Hi, my name is Cairnie Pokorney and I am running for re-election as Secretary of the NHYD, I'm 27 years old and live in Derry, New Hampshire. I've been working in Democratic politics for about 41/2 years, working in various roles from a community organizer, paid canvasser, campaign manager, volunteer and even elected to office myself as a member of the Derry School Board.


As a young person who has worked on campaigns at every level of government—from local school boards all the way up to presidential races—I know what it takes to get Democrats elected.


I'm passionate about implementing change on a local level by making sure NH is accessible for young Democrats to run and make their voices heard. That's why I'm running again: so that we can continue to represent and work for young voices in NH. I hope to gain your vote.

National Committee Representative (she/her)

Lily Foss (she/her)



As a current employee of the NHDP, I'm intimately familiar with the goals of the party and the challenges that we face.  I also recognize that the vitality of the party, the state, and the country depends on making sure younger generations are represented at all levels of government.   As NH is the second-oldest state in the country, it's easy for those of us who are younger than the average citizen to be overlooked when it comes time for politicians to prioritize issues.  By putting new generations in office, we can ensure that the interests of all Granite Staters are represented in government.


Erika Rydberg-Hall (she/her)



Hello, My name is Erika Rydberg-Hall. I've lived in Concord, NH since 2016. I worked back in 2007 on Obama's campaign here in New Hampshire as an intern, I also helped organize the first Women's March in New Hampshire back in 2016 with the grassoots organization NH Unites. In my work life I'm a Learning Design and Technology Manager for UNH and myself and my team work across all state college campuses (Keene, Plymouth and UNH) to help support learning. I'm passionate about supporting our youth, women's health, and grassroots organizing.

National Committee Representative (he/him)

Slate Goodwin (he/him)



I am Slate Goodwin (he/him), and it is an honor to run for NHYD National Committee Representative to organize and advocate for issues deeply impacting young Granite Staters, such as affordable housing & childcare, access to abortion care, and adequately funded public education. I first came to New Hampshire as a field organizer in 2016 and fell in love with the state; I moved here full-time in 2019, where I was hired by the NHDP’s political team. I have campaign experience in Alabama, Virginia, Colorado, and, most importantly, New Hampshire. I currently work as a Legislative Policy Assistant for the NH House Democratic Caucus, where I work in many policy areas, including abortion care, minimum wage, clean water, and renewable energy. 


James Sullivan (he/him)



NH democrats are uniquely positioned to assist thoughtful, enthusiastic and progressive candidates at both the state and national level. Because of this, a strong voice for young democrats across the state is needed to represent our cohort at statewide meetings and at the convention. Young democrats have an obligation to advise the party to make decisions that will expand its membership, turnout the vote, and ultimately win elections both now and far into the future.  I believe that I can be the individual that accomplishes these urgent needs, and I thank you for your consideration. 


Robin Vogt (he/him)



I am seeking the position of National Committee Representative for the New Hampshire Young Democrats in the 2023 Board Elections. The Granite State continues to show just how impactful we can be on democratic policy when young voices step up to the plate. As National Committee Representative for NHYD, I would elevate our work in New Hampshire through impactful conversations with Young Democratic Leaders from across the country. Through these conversations, finding ways to utilize the experience of others in our own goals that we seek to accomplish. I hope to have your vote as National Committee Representative for the NHYD, thank you!

BALLOT REGISTRATION PERIOD: Ends Friday, April 28th @ 2:00 PM


Any registered and bonafide New Hampshire Democrat at or under the age of 40 who complies with all election rules and procedures as set by the Parliamentarian is eligible to run and to vote.

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