New Hamspshire Midterm Election

This Tuesday,

November 6th


carlos cardona


As your State Representative Cardona will fight for a New Hampshire that works for everyone by protecting:


Stand up for policies like paid family leave so no one has to decide between their sick child or parent and their job.


Ensure all have access to affordable care while stopping radical politicians from denying coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.


Strengthen public schools so every student can succeed and prevent your tax dollars from being sent to religious schools.


Carlos is a senior manager at Jmarketing company JC Swain Enterprise LLC. He plans on repealing any law that prohibits or makes it difficult for people to vote. He hopes to fund public education and pass legislature that protects the environment.

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laconia poll inf0:

ward 1:

Beane Conference Center

35 Blueberry Ln Laconia 03246

polls open 7am-7pm

St Andre Bessette Parish Hall

31 Gilford Ave Laconia 03246

ward 2:

Laconia Middle School

150 Mcgrath St Laconia 03246

ward 3:

ward 6:

Leavitt Park Clubhouse

334 Elm St Laconia 03246

ward 5:

Woodland Heights Elementary

225 Winter St Laconia 03246

New Covenant Church

31 Lindsay Ct Laconia 03246

ward 4:

don't know your ward?

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