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Interested in running for office?

Interested in Running for Office?

Fill out the candidate form and find out how the New Hampshire Young Democrats can help your campaign!

Click here to access the candidate form.

About Our Candidates Program

Creating a Campaign Plan

The greatest barrier young candidates face is a lack of resources to fund their campaigns and access to a professional political support network.

The New Hampshire Young Democrats, through our elections program and network of political professionals, who offer campaign resources to young Democrats seeking office, are uniquely equipped, and well positioned to help build the pipeline of progressive leadership in New Hampshire.

We guide and support young candidates through every step of their campaigns. By providing one-on-one training and mentorships, hosting direct voter contact events, giving direct candidate contributions, and funding mail and digital programs, the New Hampshire Young Democrats help our candidates, many of which are first-time candidates, run professional and comprehensive campaigns.

We are committed to providing the resources necessary to create the next generation of political leaders in New Hampshire. Will you be next?


Please use this document as a guide to creating your campaign plan as you begin to think about running for office this fall during the municipal elections!

Click here to access the plan template.


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