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Join A Committee

Be part of the teams that will get Young Democrats elected across the state!


Learn more about our committees below and join one of them today!


New Hampshire Young Democrats Committee Descriptions:


The Elections Committee is tasked with direct support of NHYD candidates in local, municipal, and state elections. Election Committee members will work directly with candidates from recruitment through election day, holding regular check-ins to provide support, training, and guidance on their  campaigns. Members will be expected to attend weekly election committee meetings and regularly attend direct voter contact events for NHYD candidates. The Elections Committee will be chaired by the NHYD VP of Political Affairs.


The Membership Committee will lead efforts to grow and sustain NHYD membership statewide, including member recruitment, engagement, and retention. The Membership committee will also work with volunteers statewide to support existing and new local chapters, and maintain and grow our member list. The Membership Committee will be chaired by the NHYD Secretary.


The Finance Committee will develop and execute strategies to raise funds to sustain the NHYD and support NHYD candidates, including but not limited to supporting fundraising events, grassroots donor programs, and digital fundraising. The Finance Committee will be chaired by the NHYD Treasurer.


The Communications Committee will be tasked with supporting the communications activities of the NH Young Democrats, both through earned and social media. Communications Committee members will also oversee rapid response efforts, and work to ensure the NHYD message is clear and effective. The Communications Committee will be chaired by the VP of Public Affairs.

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