Tues, Sept 11

New Hamspshire State Primary

allison nutting wong

& Joshua mercer

for Ward 5 State Rep


Allison is running for her third term in the NH House. She has fought hard for working families. When not at the State House, she works for her family's local business. She understands the challenges young people, families, and small business owners face

Josh was born and raised in Ward 5, and lives there with his wife Melissa and daughter Ruby. He understands the challenges families face living in New Hampshire, from the high cost of childcare to high student debt and high college tuition costs.


The issues

Paid family medical leave
A livable wage
Health care for all

ward 5 poll inf0:

Main dunstable

Elementary School

polls open:


In Tuesday's Democratic Primary vote Allison & Josh for a brighter future!

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