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NHYD Statement on Republican Attempts to Roll Back Voting Rights of Young Granite Staters

NHYD Statement on Republican Attempts to Roll Back Voting Rights of Young Granite Staters

Concord, N.H. - With over 40 bills filed this session that will roll back voting rights in our state and specifically target young voters, attorney Henry Klementowicz issued the following statement: "This week alone, both House and Senate Committees held hearings on unreasonable and unconstitutional bills that would help right-wing politicians rollback the voting rights of young New Hampshire voters." "At a time when our state needs to attract and retain young people, the unprecedented number of bills this legislative session stripping voters of rights, making voter registration more difficult, and trying to repeal same-day registration send a clear message: don't move here." "These rollbacks are another ploy to disengage voters from the political system, stripping them of their constitutional right to vote. Over the coming weeks, Republicans in Concord can expect to hear a very clear message from young voters, 'let us vote.'"

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