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NHYD Statement Calling on Governor Sununu to Denounce False Claims of Voter Fraud

NHYD Statement Calling on Governor Sununu to Denounce False Claims of Voter Fraud

Concord, NH - In response to comments made by President Trump's senior policy advisor Stephen Miller that further fueled the baseless and dangerous claims of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire and Governor Sununu's refusal to denounce these heinous claims, State Representative and Election Law committee member Will Pearson (D-Keene) released the following statement: "By sitting silently as the Trump Administration continues to perpetuate false and dangerous claims of massive voter fraud here in New Hampshire, Governor Sununu is allowing serious damage to our state's proud electoral tradition and is setting a dangerous precedent," said Representative Pearson. "It is no secret that these flagrant lies about voter fraud are attempts to lay the ground work for restrictive laws, like the 40 bills filed this session in Concord that roll back voting rights and target young voters. If Governor Sununu wants to preserve the integrity of elections here in the Granite State then he needs to stand up and unequivocally denounce these lies. Anything short is an affront to our open democracy, runs contrary to New Hampshire's 'First in the Nation' status, and will hurt our state's ability to attract and retain young people," concluded Pearson.


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