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NHYD Statement on SB 3 House Hearing

NHYD Statement on SB 3 House Hearing

CONCORD, NH - Today, after dozens of voters testified for hours against Senate Bill 3 and nearly 200 voters showed up in opposition, Rep. William Pearson (Keene), Rep. Isaac Epstein (Dover), and Rep. Travis Bennett (Plymouth), the three NH Young Dems who serve on the House Election Law Committee, issued the following statement: "Senate Bill 3 threatens to disenfranchise and intimidate thousands of young people across New Hampshire if enacted. At today's hearing, we heard powerful testimony from young voters who see this bill as an assault on their, and their peers, ability to vote and take part in the democratic process." "New Hampshire’s real problem is attracting and retaining young people. We need young people who move here for school or work to fall in love with everything that makes our state special. Any measure that works to disenfranchise young people from participating in our vibrant civic culture is counterproductive. We stand firmly against SB3 and will do whatever we can to stop this senseless piece of legislation."

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