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NHYD Statement on SB 3 House Vote

NHYD Statement on SB 3 House Vote

CONCORD, NH - Today, after months of vocal opposition to Senate Bill 3 from hundreds of young Granite Staters, University of New Hampshire student Eli Tyrrel-Walker, issued the following statement: “Senate Bill 3 will accomplish one thing: the disenfranchisement and intimidation of thousands of young voters across New Hampshire. Our state's real problem isn’t voter fraud, it is attracting and retaining young people to live, study, work, and raise families here. Despite hours of powerful testimony from countless young voters who see this bill as an assault on their ability to vote and take part in the democratic process, Republican leadership decided to ignore our voices. Any measure that works to disenfranchise young people from participating in our vibrant civic culture is counterproductive and will only hurt our state." Background: Over 100 young activists have been hard at work since January organizing and advocating against the record number of voting rights bills filed this legislative session. The NHYD campaign included over 10 nights of phone banks hosted across the state filling over 33 hours of direct patch through calls to legislators. Approximately 500 voters attended SB 3’s two marathon hearings including numerous young voters who testified directly to each committee.

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