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NHYD Statement on Senate Bill 3 Vote

NHYD Statement on Senate Bill 3 Vote

CONCORD, NH - Following the Senate's partisan line vote to pass Senate Bill 3 which will disenfranchise and suppress large segments of young voters across New Hampshire if enacted, NHYD co-legal counsels Esther Dickinson and Henry Klementowicz released the following statement: "Senate Bill 3 is sure to do one thing: suppress young voters from participating in our democracy. While our Governor and the President have repeated alarmist, and false allegations of massive voter fraud in an attempt to altar our successful voting system in New Hampshire, there is zero evidence to back up these claims." "New Hampshire’s real problem is attracting and retaining young people. We need young people who move here to go to school or for permanent and temporary jobs to power our economy, to feel welcome here and to fall in love with everything that makes the Granite State great. Senate Bill 3, which would disenfranchise these young people from participation in our vibrant civic culture. This bill is both counterproductive and likely illegal."

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