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Record Number of Young Candidates File to Run for Office in Manchester

Manchester, NH – The New Hampshire Young Democrats are proud to announce that they have fielded an incredibly strong and deep team of candidates to run for city office in Manchester this fall. This slate of young candidates not only represent a diversity of age, professional experience, and community involvement, but also exemplify the energy of young people across the state who are ready to step up and make a difference in their communities with the support of the Young Democrats. 603 Forward Director Theo Groh released the following statement: "There is no better time to have a record-breaking number of young Democrats filed and ready to run for office. From selectman to alderman, across nearly every ward, new young Democratic candidates will be running to take a leadership role in their communities and add the next generation's voices to Manchester's future. This surge is a response to the continued Democratic energy in 2017 and the New Hampshire Young Democrats encouraging young people to take important matters into their own hands."

About 603 Forward:

603 Forward is an initiative led by NH Young Democrats to support, advise, and foster winning campaigns for young candidates across the state at both a state and local level. We are committed to providing the resources necessary to create the next generation of progressive political leaders in New Hampshire and fight for the issues most important to Granite State Millennials.


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