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NHYD Statement on Pence-Kobach Commission Meeting in New Hampshire

Goffstown, NH -- Following the start of the first public meeting of Trump's sham election fraud commission at St. Anselm College and the Superior Court decision to block the penalties in the voter suppression bill SB 3, St. Anselm student Olivia Teixeira released the following statement on behalf of the NHYD: "Our elected officials should be working to facilitate civic involvement and build voter participation, especially amongst college students and younger voters. Instead, with sham commissions like the one meeting today on my campus and through bills like SB 3, Republican's are using baseless lies of voter fraud in an attempt to suppress voter turnout." "If we want to attract and retain young people to our state, we should be working to empower younger voters to take part in our state's proud democratic process by advocating for modernizing our voting systems and registration."
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