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NHYD Statement: One day out from meeting, Sununu hasn't announced Millennial Advisory Council me

Concord, N.H. - Last Thursday, Governor Sununu announced the creation of a Millennial Advisory Council. Yesterday, it was announced that this council would hold its first meeting tomorrow at 6:00pm. Just a day out, the Governor's office has yet to announce membership to the council, after giving applicants just two full business days to apply. Sununu's policies have thus far been antithetical to millennial priorities, from signing a voter suppression law that makes it harder for young people to vote, to his failure to freeze USNH tuitions as costs skyrocket, to denying climate change, to saying he has "no personal opinion" on transgender rights, to allocating zero dollars to workforce development, to opposing a rail project to connect Manchester to the Greater Boston area. Sununu ignored a letter from UNH students, including the student body president, requesting to meet with him in February. New Hampshire Young Democrats' Executive Director Amelia Keane issued the following statement: "It's troubling that, just one day out from Sununu's millennial council meeting, no council members have been announced. The first step to engaging young people productively is to be transparent, open, and bipartisan about the process, and Sununu's council has been anything but. It's unclear why Sununu is in such a rush or how members are being selected, but young people deserve time to consider and submit their applications and clear their schedules to attend."


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