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NHYD Statement on Passage of Trans Rights Bill HB 1319

CONCORD, NH - Today the House passed the important civil rights bill HB 1319, which prohibits discrimination based on gender identity. Following the vote, NHYD Executive Director and Nashua State Representative Amelia Keane released the following statement:

"The passage of HB 1319 in the House is an important civil rights victory and a step in the right direction towards New Hampshire becoming a more welcoming state for all Granite Staters. We have heard countless stories from brave individuals from the Trans-community about the harassment they have faced and activist allies around the state have stood-up to declare they want fair and equal protections. This bill added gender identity to the list of protected classes under the New Hampshire constitution to protect against housing and workplace discrimination . The protection of transgender individuals from discrimination is a matter of civil rights as transgender individuals frequently face intolerance and mistreatment. Additionally, this bill is an affirmation of their identity and the struggles they face and is a sends the message to young people here and across the country that New Hampshire is a welcoming state. This is an issue where inaction is not moral and we are hopeful that the Senate and Governor will act quickly to sign HB 1319 into law."


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