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New Hampshire Young Democrats Celebrate Gene Martin’s School Board At-Large Primary Win in Mancheste

Manchester, NH - Tonight, Gene Martin moves on to the General Election for School Board At-Large in the Queen City. Gene, who grew up Manchester and is a proud Manchester public school graduate, was one vote shy of being the the top vote getter. Also winning was Amy McCall, a young mother and activist running for Moderator in Ward 3. The New Hampshire Young Democrats released the following statement on tonight’s primary victories: “We are thrilled that Gene Martin won his primary election for School Board At-Large in Manchester, a city that needs strong, young, progressive leadership to achieve its full potential. As a lifetime Manchester resident, Gene represents a new generation of leadership that is committed to a better future for our students. He will be a strong advocate for inclusive and innovative policies that support Manchester and as a young father, he will bring a real sense of urgency to the school board to drive positive change. We are eager and ready to help him win in the general election and beyond,” said New Hampshire Young Democrats President Lucas Meyer. "We are also extremely excited to see our friend and dedicated activist Amy McCall win her important race for Ward 3 Moderator. As an organization leading the fight to protect and advance voting rights, electing young, progressive leaders to these often overlooked election positions is critical to our mission," Meyer concluded. The Young Democrats organized direct voter contact days of action in support of Martin and all young candidates running for office in the city. Volunteers knocked on hundreds of doors and made hundreds of calls in the lead up to this primary, an effort which will continue through November for NHYD candidates in cities across the state. NHYD has already begun supporting and advising over 20 young candidates running for city office in Rochester, Somersworth, Dover, Portsmouth, Concord, Franklin, Claremont, and Nashua, who are running to build youth power and make New Hampshire a better place for young people to live, work, attend school, and raise a family.


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