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Meet Your Legislator: Rep. Casey Conley

Representative Casey Conley is nearing the end of his second term representing much of downtown Dover in Strafford County’s 13th District. Rep. Conley lives with his wife Lauren and their two sons. He works multiple jobs outside the State House, including staff writer for a maritime magazine.

Elected in a special election in October 2017, Rep. Conley has made his presence felt. Over the past three years, he has served on the Transportation Committee and worked with both Democrats and Republicans to pass important legislation. He has filed eight bills as a prime sponsor and co-sponsored dozens of others. Gun safety, affordable housing and criminal justice reform are some of his top priorities.

Rep. Conley’s top priority for 2020 is continuing work on a study committee looking for ways to reduce childcare costs for New Hampshire parents. The committee was created based on a bill he introduced in 2019 and passed last year.


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