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Testimony on Campus Sexual Violence - Nora Gallo

Thank you to Nora Gallo, 2020 Graduate of UMASS Amherst. Nora came to Concord on February 20, 2020 to testify in support of SB 679, a bill co-sponsored by Young Dem State Rep. Cam Kenney relative to campus sexual violence. As a survivor herself, we recognize Nora's bravery, courage, and determination to let her voice and story be heard in the State House in hopes of passing this monumental legislation to protect college students from future sexual violence, authored by Senator Martha Hennessey. SB 679, now included in the HB 705 Omnibus bill, would implement comprehensive resources and staff to support future victims and survivors, and proactively educate students on this issue. We hope the NH State legislature will pass this legislation on June 30, 2020.


Nora Gallo is a Regional Director for the Every Voice Coalition as well as conducting National Outreach to other states. She is a recent 2020 graduate receiving a BA in Dance and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. This past spring, she held the position of President of 'It's On Us' Chapter at Umass, which focuses on changing campus culture towards sexual assault. Nora first became involved in Every Voice to bring awareness to how pervasive the epidemic of campus sexual violence is, with the goal to find a solution to fully support survivors. Nora has invested herself in changing the landscape of how society addresses trauma. She hopes to follow pioneers in the field to address sexual violence and trauma as a Public Health Issue by advocating for public policy that addresses it as such. Since joining the Every Voice Coalition, Nora has been able to seek personal justice as a survivor by arriving on a foundation where she uses her voice to advocate for the justice of all survivors.

In New Hampshire, she testified to advocate for students in a state because no one should experience sexual violence in their college career. As a recent graduate and survivor, she recognizes how intensely difficult it is to raise one's voice on this issue, she knows that by using her voice she is able to empower survivors to find theirs.


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