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About Us

The mission of the New Hampshire Young Democrats is to recruit, train, and help elect the next generation of progressive leaders in New Hampshire.


Since 2018, the New Hampshire Young Democrats have helped over 225 young candidates run for office; 156 of these young leaders went on to serve or are currently serving in elected positions across New Hampshire.


Our results show the strength of young people in New Hampshire, and we look forward to building a more inclusive, progressive state where the voices of all people are heard.


We have a vast network of tools and skills to help guide young candidates running for elected office. Our renowned elections program facilitates effective campaigns through support, training, and guidance to ensure candidates have the best chance at securing and effectively governing in local, statewide, and national office.


Since hiring our first staff person in 2016, we have grown from a few hundred to over 7,000 members statewide. We have held over 300 events to train and build capacity in young people. With two paid staff and hundreds of statewide volunteers, we are proud to have supported thousands of students and young people in lifting up their voices and taking action on issues that matter.


We work closely with the New Hampshire College Democrats and New Hampshire High School Democrats to support, train and mentor young people of all ages to understand their rights and learn the skills to advocate on behalf of their shared futures. 

The New Hampshire Young Democrats are imperative to the success of electoral and advocacy efforts throughout the Granite State. Your support is necessary to maintain this organization and ensure that young people have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation.

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