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NHYD Statement on Passage of Anti-Student Voting Bill HB 1264 - Governor Sununu continues to quietly

CONCORD, NH - Today the house passed HB 1264, a replica of HB 372, which acts to disenfranchise constitutionally eligible voters. Specifically, this bill targets residential student voters by effectively implementing a post-election poll tax by requiring individuals to obtain a New Hampshire drivers licenses and car registration to be eligible to vote. Following the vote, Garrett Muscatel (Dartmouth College Sophomore) and Olivia Teixeira (St. Anselm College Sophomore) released the following joint statement:

"With the House's passage of HB 1264, Republicans in Concord continued their attack against the ability of Constitutionally eligible voters to participate in our democracy. This unjustifiable and misguided legislation is an insult to students, low-income individuals, and other transient Granite Staters. Instead of focusing on ways to restrict access to the ballot box, we should be focused on ways to modernize and secure our proud electoral system. It is time for Governor Sununu to get up off the sidelines and stand up for our right to vote. But if he decides to go back on his word and betray us and our right as New Hampshire students to vote by signing HB 1264 or HB 372 into law, he will be held accountable in November. We will make sure of that."


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